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Hey, guys, if you're waiting on a tag for me (or Tris or Mia or Reinhardt or Belle), then please bear with me. I didn't want to comment on every single person and clog up inboxes, but if any of y'all see this:

I had a death in my family, and money is also really tight and stressful right now. Both of those things have just left me.... not really up for tagging lately. Sorry.

I fully intend to pick up every thread sitting in my inbox! So, unless you've lost interest (and I really understand that), I will still tag you! It just might be a little while. I've got spring break in a week and a half. Maybe I can recharge then and crank a lank some stuff out with the adorable superhero + friends.

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It's been a slow day.

There's always these lulls. Granted, Kara is talking with a whole two years of experience under her belt, but in her experience, there's lulls. Sometimes they're more like the eye of a storm, but lately? There just hasn't been much... to do? She's stopped some thugs, saved a baby in the streets, and visited the local Girl Scout troop, but right now she's... just flying.

It's evening, and Kara enjoys this quiet time to herself - the comm is silent; there's no sharp dings of best friends being in trouble and activating watches. CatCo is... running smoothly, and Kara turned in all her articles by the deadline. So, now she gets to fly and watch the sunset.

Which of course means that she hears the quick (too quick) fliiiick of cards shuffling in the alleyway below her and some flashy, superspeed words. None of it is uncommon to street hustlers, but it's just a little too fast. Weird. Maybe she should have a look.
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It was rare that Kara and Clark weren't saving the world, or being ace reporters, or trying to have some semblance of a dating life at the same time so they could do more than Facetime for five minutes once a week and catch up. But, finally, they had planned a mini-House of El vacation for the weekend, away from Metropolis and National City.

Kara was so excited. Maybe she had planned too many activities, but whatever, you know? Too much was better than too little!

"Okay, so, whenever you get here, we have dinner at this crunchy granola hippie shack? It's all organic and vegan, but I figured... what the heck! They raise money for charity and they don't support freegans, so it sounds legit. And there's thirteen hard to pronounce smoothies on the website's menu that I think I have to try.

"And then I thought about line dancing? I mean, me and Alex always say we're going to learn to line dance but then we don't. But I wasn't sure if you were a dancer. So, feel free to vote on that one," Kara said into her phone that was balanced between her ear and shoulder as she started unpacking her suitcase in her temporary bedroom.
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Kara and guilt are best friends, honestly, by now. And it seems like guilt just likes to keep piling on and on her, but she deserves it after how she acts. She needs to train, needs to study, needs to figure out how to control herself on red Kryptonite, to not be so susceptible.

She hurts people. She takes advantage of people. And she does really embarrassing sexual things with people that she'd normally never do. Well... maybe she'd do it, but certainly not like that.

So, that's why she's here, looking for Vincent, to... make amends. Apologize profusely. Whatever she needs to do. She doesn't really know him, but that just makes what they did worse. She's not even sure if he liked it! Oh Rao, what if he didn't want it. What if she...

She remembers. She thinks she remembers. Unless hope is just clouding things, oh frick. She's basically a terrible person.

She licks her lips, walking in the nebulous, weird meeting place they'd first met, and goes up to Vincent, leaning on a railing, and stands beside him. She pushes her glasses up her nose and clears her throat to get his attention.

"Um... Vincent? Hi... hi there."


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